Interview with Daily Show's John Oliver

English comedian and The Daily Show correspondent John Oliver sits down with the Phoenix to determine who has the better breed of lunatics, the U.S. or England?

When you see all the crazies that populate this country, are you ever tempted to just turn tail and head back home?
You have clearly never seen the homegrown hooligans that we have. Try walking past any pub in England that has a football game on, and you will be running back to your lunatics with open arms before the first beer bottle whizzes past your head.

And to discuss history

Anyway, sorry about that whole Tea Party thing. But I'm hoping don't hold it against us and still enjoy coming to Boston. What do you — or do you not — enjoy about our humble city?
Apology not accepted. But thank you anyway. I love coming to Boston — I love trying to suppress my natural desire to order you people around.

Here's Oliver (in his TV special, Terrifying Times) warning that alternative energy will never fly, because "wind has been dangerously over-farmed."

As the Phoenix proved in our wind power features last week, that's just not true.

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