Hi Neighbor! Screw The Rain. Come Get Hammered At The Rattlesnake

So I get a call from the Narragansett Beer guy the other day, and he's like, "We're having a rally on Copley Square followed by a 'Gansett party at the Rattlesnake on Thursday." And so I was all, "What's this rally all about," and he was all, "We're trying to build a new brewery in New England and we figured this was the best way to raise awareness."

I like totally agree with the 'Gansett guys; the only hella problem is that they planned to meet at Copley Square at 5pm today, and it looks like that might get rained out. "No problem," the 'Gansett dude told me, "In that case just head straight to the Rattlesnake. There will be promotions."

You can get more info on today's 'Gansett rally/party HERE. Also to note: they're in the market for some new 'Gansett Girls, preferably those with "New England character." We're not sure what that means, but we're pretty sure it has something to do with revealing Patriots tube tops and serious attitude problems. 


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