New advertising business model? Modernista ad scripts going for $35 on eBay

We pity ad copywriters generally, but we pity them even more today. The trailblazing Boston ad agency MODERNISTA are well-known for blowing other people's shit out of the water, and now they're doing the ad-copy equivalent of a three-minute endzone dance: auctioning off their scraps to the highest bidder. "We had this crazy idea," they wrote recently on their blog. "It’s summer time, we were drinking a few beers, we were talking about how we’d like to work in the beer category. So we wrote a few TV scripts, and we’re putting them up on eBay. Just for fun. We might even do it again for another category."

That's right: Modernista is auctioning off a "12-pack" of ad-spot scripts. Says Modernista co-founder Rick Jensen, via press release: "We know how hard it can be to come up with good ideas on a tight schedule, and we don’t currently have a beer account, so we thought these might serve as a little inspiration for someone who’s looking at a blank page right now. Here you go. Good luck.”

The initial bid was $12, but with four hours to go, the batch of .30-second scripts is on fire at $33, which includes free shipping. If someone can think of a something funny to do with 'em, the Phoenix might consider throwing in $10 to see what's in 'em. As the Modernista guys say, "Buy ‘em, present ‘em to your ECD or executive board; hell, shoot the damn things. If you’re the winning bidder, they’re yours to do with as you wish." Or maybe just grab 'em for summer beach reading? Pretty sure it'll be a more entertaining read than the latest Hank Phillipi Ryan paperback.

BUY: Modernista beer-company spots [eBay]

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