EAT IT Miss Cali!

Booyeah! That's what I gotta say. To all those people crying for poor Miss California read it and weep cry babies. Not only was Miss (allegedly) Moral caught for having near-nudie pictures out there, oh yeah she's a real saint, she was also caught violating her contract. Now her life as the beauty ambassador of California is being cut short. BOOYEAH! I love it when karma comes around so quickly!

Here is the DL on the latest about this bummed blonde:

1) Carrie Prejean once posed in her topless in underwear for and did not reveal this juicy information to the pageant

2) When the photo came out, she promised the pageant officials there were no more of them, until another photo surfaced (and yet another now)

3) She has been lobbying for anti-gay-marriage groups since her controversial statements on stage, which violates her contract, says US News and World Report.

4) TMZ also reports the strong anti-gay sentiments may be coming from the notion that her father could be gay. Read the story here.

5) Pageant officials held a press conference today, and while they strongly criticized Prejean's actions, they did not fire her. Probably because they don't have the authority to fire her, only Donald Trump (he's part-owner of the pageant now) and the Miss Universe organization can fire Miss Bigot USA. They will be announcing their decision tomorrow.

6) Pageant executives have named the runner-up, Tami Farrell, as the new "official Beauty of California ambassador."

7) Prejean is a religious nut-job. This transcript proves it:



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