Hollywood's obsession with puke


It doesn’t seem to take much to entertain the simple wits of moviegoers these days. With the release of the new movie, I Love You, Man, which hit theaters this past weekend, audiences giggled and gagged at the sight of pink and brown chunks flying across the screen. But this non-earth-shattering movie is not the first to cover spews on a close-up shot. There has been a recent spew of movies in the past year that included other disgustingly gross vomit scenes, marking the revival of the gratuitous Hollywood puke bit. Here are some of the recent movies that have made all of us a bit queasy.

I Love You, Man

Peter (Paul Rudd) is getting married but realizes he lacks in the bromance department when he can’t find anyone to serve as his best man. In an attempt to gain new friends, he tries guzzles beer with a pack of macho morons. But instead of leaving with a best man, he ends up blowing chunks all over his potential new best friends.

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Caroline is the perpetual drunk in the movie who “prefers to barf in the same places.” After a puke-fest in a public toilet, she reaches in to grab her fallen gum, which continuously gets recycled from person to person. Tasty!

Get Smart

Steve Carrell is best sticking to his role as Michael Scott, but he still does find a way to keep us nervously wrenching our teeth at his complete awkwardness and incompetence as Agent Smart. He flies a jet on a mission to save the world, but desperately needs the barf-bag as it runneth over with what looks like chunks of pumpkin puree.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

In paying homage to other nasty bodily excrements, this scene receives the ultimate gag award. The cameraman gets shat on when a flood of poop comes pouring out of the constipated porn star. Who knew that anal sex was the remedy for constipation?

Honorable mention: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Benjamin Button is living up his teens, despite the extra saggy ass. He returns home from a night of drinking and whoring around one night, when his gag reflexes takes hold, resulting in a spew of vomit.

- Christine Choe

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