Exclusive interview: 5 Questions for the Bank of America bombshell

“I’m just hoping to restart my modeling career by, ya know, getting noticed”
-- Bank of America Bombshell

The Boston Phoenix has scored an exclusive interview with the mannequin who chained herself to the door of Bank of America in Kenmore Square yesterday to protest banking and global warming -- and sparked a bomb-scare. We chatted over drinks at Eastern Standard, after she posted $500,000 bail.

Q. What have you got against Qdoba Mexican Grill?
A. I've got nothing against Qdoba Mexican Grill, my beef was with the bank next door.

Q. Don't you care about the children who had to go without a nutritious and delicious morning Chicken Burrito With Habanero Salsa because the police kept people from going into Qdoba during your protest?
A. [. . .]

Q. Tell us a bit about your background.
A. It's my anti-bank, anti-global-warming cause that's important; my background's pretty ordinary. I fell in with a fast crowd after college. A stint with the Symbionese Liberation Army, then the Celtics cheerleaders. Hitchhiking. Drink. Drugs. Rioting after the Red Sox won. Homeless for a while. A blog. Working on the Obama Campaign. The usual stuff.

Q. Ever done this kind of thing before?

A. Since November I've been on a hunger-strike in the window of Old Navy to protest their objectification of mannequins. But nobody noticed. Everybody seems to think what mannequins have to say isn't important.

Q. Do you think any good will come out of this?
A. I've always wanted to meet that bomb squad space suit guy and his robot sidekick. And I can tell you that when they're unchaining you from the door of Bank of America and dumping you on a sidewalk and then patting you down for bombs, it's just as sexy as it sounds.

Photos dug out of the archives and assembled by Kevin Banks.

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