Phoenix names Rush Limbaugh World's #1 Unsexiest Man -- and our #100 stinks, too

Our annual list of the world's 100 Unsexiest Men is hot off the presses, and god, are we disgusted. You have no idea what it's like looking at busted dudes for weeks on end. After the issue shipped, Chris Faraone was wheeled out of here on a stretcher and rushed directly to Centerfolds, from whence he has not yet returned. 

The World's Unsexiest Man of 2009, Rush Limbaugh, has been busy proving our point. In just the past 48 hours the oxy-moron has found several new ways to be racist and heartless -- first conflating the name of the president with the name of our #73 Unsexest Man in the World, and then (this from a guy

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