Pink dolphins...not only in fairy tales

Every little girl just got a little happier. We've seen pink birds, pink elephants, and now presenting the pink dolphin in Lake Calcasieu, Louisiana.

Photo: Charter News

This little guy is actually an albino bottlenose dolphin, which is very rare for this type of dolphin. The dolphin was first spotted as a calf two years ago, but was a much lighter hue of rose. Speaking of lighter pink dolphins, there are actually a species of dolphins that live in the Amazon rivers that are a much ligther pink color and are actually called Pink Dolphins.

This is an Amazon pink dolphin posted on the American of School of Lima's Web site.

I have to admit I am shocked I never heard of these guys before. They seem pretty normal rather than the coloring and the Amazonian pink dolphins (also called Amazon River Dolphins) are larger than any other river-dolphin type. Crazy fact about these dolphins, their neck vertebrae of are not fused together, and so they are able to bend their necks at a 90-degree angle. This helps them catch fish in hard-to-reach spots. I wonder what we can learn about spinal cords from these guys.

Anyway, keep your eyes on the first guy in the lake, I'm sure he'll be all over the news tonight or this week.


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