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All Hail Senator Oprah!
Apparently Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich considered Oprah Winfrey for President Barack Obama's vacant Senate seat. It's rumoured she declined the offer when she found out she had to be sworn-in over a Bible as opposed to her book of the month.

Birth Control is the New Deal 
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was quoted in an interview claiming contraception will help get the American economy back on its feet...or on its back.
Germans run out to experience Tom Cruise's Valkyrie, which topped Germany's box offices with $13.2 million in gross sales...Draw your own conclusions.

Citi Can't Run, but Now They Can Fly 
Ever get annoyed when a friend asks to borrow some cash, and you find out later it's for something stupid like a hat. This is kinda like that, only the IOU is for $50 million and for a luxury jet.
There is a new president, and he is doing a bunch of stuff. Hulu has begun a new series which compiles video updates of the Obama administration, as well as takes you behind the scenes and shows you a bunch of stuff the news channels don't.
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