The Buzz Around the Office

Stonehenge appears underwater in America, burritos become available via
iPhone and a kid named after Adolf Hitler is taken from his parents. All
these stories and more have gotten us buzzing around the office this
afternoon. Check out what else has gotten our tongues flapping and our
panties in a bunch (not necessarily in that order):

American Made Stonehenge

A Stonehenge-like structure found at the bottom of Lake Michigan
causes Revolutionary War trash-talkers to update their list of "Why Brits
are Sissies."

Burrito Banditos

iPhone users now have to wait two weeks to pre-order their Chipotle
meals, making regular human contact definite and imminent...for at least the
next two weeks.

Osama Calling Out Obama

The crazy haired lady and others from the McCain rallies who claimed
Obama and Osama were cahoots have now been officially proven wrong.

Belated Birth
A total tear-jerker on how a woman was able to give birth even though
she had already clinically died.

Office Hangovers

Office party go-ers who had to attend work the next morning can
watch, laugh, relate.

Adolf Hitler Taken
Not surprising the parents of a child named after one of the most
evil people in history were deemed unfit to raise their child; especially
since they failed at the first thing they did as parents.

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