Kiss your plastic toys goodbye, welcome in the liquid wood

If you have ever had, observed or played with a baby (a child under 2 years old) for longer than a few minutes, you've probably noticed them putting just about everything in their mouth. Whether it's their favorite stuffed animal, their bottle, your keys or a new shiny toy, it all manages to find its way into their cute little pie hole for examination. Many of these toys venturing into the mouths of babes are made from plastic.

The problem with plastic toys is no one is 100 percent sure how healthy they are to continuously be sucked on. Phthalates are often used in producing plastic products and traces of this reportedly harmful chemical have been found in the urine of most American adults and even babies-- at alarming rates. Not only have some studies suggested that expsoure to phthalates can produce birth defects, but also liver and genetal disorders, among other things.

What's the answer? Apparently for German-based company Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology the answer is liquid wood!  


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