The Boston Globe On Question 2

Middlesex County DA Gerry Leone told The Globe that he only "tried pot once," but it looks like he at least remembers how to inhale 

Regular Phoenix readers already know how I feel about Massachusetts Ballot Question 2, which, if passed, would decriminalize the penalty for less than one ounce of marijuana to a civil fine of $100.  This past month I wrote this feature, as well as this follow-up, from which any sensible person could draw the conclusion that passage would greatly benefit everyone from taxpayers to burnouts. Furthermore, the articles showed how a brutish gang of stubborn and reckless Massachusetts district attorneys, as well as Attorney General Martha Coakley, have lined up against the initiative for no convincing reason.

The Boston Globe today ran a super comprehensive story that, despite being sillily constructed as an objective news item, further displayed how outrageous the move to block Question 2 truly is.  Among the  interesting developments identified by Globe reporter David Abel: That several of the hypocrites plotting against decriminalization have smoked pot themselves, and Harvard University economics professor Jeffrey Miron's startling 2005 report that effectively counters several false points that Question 2 opponents are abusing in their own defense.

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