This Joe Had Too Many Six-Packs

Hey guys, what's a fun and proactive way to show support for your respective political party AND completely usurp parental rights from your unconscious, post-natal spouse? 

Why, rename your newborn baby "Sarah Palin McCain," of course.

Mark Ciptak of Elizabethton, Tenn., by his own admission, doesn't have a million dollars to throw at the GOP like the good Lord thinks he should. So instead, he got creative, and re-christened his fresh-out-the-oven daughter -- formerly known as Ava Grace -- after Republican America's favorite mavericks.  

Nevermind that Ciptak's wife was, at the time, knocked out from the stress of giving birth, nor that he had to sneak behind her back and secretly file two birth certificates with the hospital. That baby was gonna be a red-blooded American, doggone it, no matter what little Sarah Palin McCain's Momma thought.  

Surprisingly, the man has all of his teeth.  At least, until his wife comes to and knocks them out of his redneck skull.


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