What about McCain's mental health?

Don't jangle those keys!

In this week's Providence Phoenix, liberal scribe Mary Ann Sorrentino (a favorite amongst the Phoenix web staffers) writes an excellent piece voicing concerns about John McCain's mental health. From the piece:

"Much has been said about the government’s failure to provide veterans with the medical help they need. The New England Journal of Medicine reports that only 23 percent to 40 percent of soldiers suffering from PTSD seek help because of the stigma the military attaches to psychiatric treatment.

In John McCain: An American Odyssey (Free Press, 2007) author Robert Timberg (who knows, the candidate has said, “more about me than I do”) calls McCain’s legendary rages “out of all proportion to the provocation.” He has also cited the sound of jangling keys as a trigger for McCain’s POW-related nightmares.

Columnist Sidney Blumenthal has quoted McCain as calling colleagues “asshole” and “fucking jerk” on the Senate floor. Even if this were considered “normal” behavior, it would be difficult to classify it as “presidential.”

As with Hillary Clinton’s red telephone commercial, all this raises a question: if the call comes at 3 am, do voters want the awakened president to be prone to disproportionate rages or trauma associated with jangling keys?"

Yikes. In case you're in Boston, and thus have no access to the fine writings of our friends down south(ish), you can read the rest here


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