VIDEO: Jake Von Slatt's Steampunk Workshop

Inside Jake von Slatt's Steampunk Workshop

If you haven't already read Sharon Steel's cover story on Steampunk in this week's Phoenix -- to say nothing of her Steampunk fashion piece in the current issue of SPIN -- then get thee clicking here-ish. She's got more anachronistic harpies, Victorian fashion references, PC mods, and totally insane industrial-age design throwbacks than you can shake a rivet gun and a pair of goggles at.

We also accompanied Sharon out to visit one of the Steampunk village's most recognizable faces: Massachusetts native Jake von Slatt. He was nice enough to invite us into his workshop and submit to an interview, which was conducted on board a school bus he's turned into a severely-retro RV. He's also working on modding a VW kit car so it can run on steam power. In the video above, we focused on a few of Jake's most famous projects: his Victorian all-in-one PC; a brass-etched custom Fender guitar; and a telegraph receiver that translates the internet into Morse code. Holy crap. 

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