MP3: Graveyard BBQ, "Ride the 'Stache"

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Snnnnnththththththhth! Smell that? It’s grillin’ season. And Graveyard BBQ done brung the lighter fluid. (And, of course, the booze. Lots of booze.) Songs like “Meat Yer Enemy,” “BBQ Girl,” and “By the Grace of the Grill” give you a hint where their bearded heads are at: and if it doesn't, well, this will. But these Waltham wyldemen aren’t just up for a bit of back-patio carnivorousness. No, their songs — drunk-n-roll skeeze-metal anthems in the grand tradition of Zodiac Mindwarp and Buckcherry — are infernally next-level: They’re less about sizzling grills than the righteous causticity of that hell below where we’re all gonna go. Having swigged moonshine with hellhounds in a terraplane at the crossroads, the BBQ dudes are bringing their debauched diablerie nationwide. After a kick-off show tonight at Bill's Bar, Howlin' Jack Boone, Bud Black, Billy Z. Bub, Brownbag Johnson, and new rhythm guitarist Higgins pile into their brand new big ol’ tour bus — we’re assuming it’s equipped with Guitar Hero — and hit the road that lies ahead on a 22-city tour, blasting the songs from Greatest Hits, Volumes I and II in Nashville, Reno, Hell Paso, and all points in between.  


This means, to their consternation and ours, that they won't be in town for the first annual Phoenix/FNX “Cinco de Mustache” fiesta this Monday at Jose McIntyre’s in Boston. Which is a shame not only because the guys in Graveyard BBQ enjoy a drink now and then, and also have some truly righteous whiskers, but furthermore because we'd heretofore decided that the BBQ's fantasmarific "Ride The 'Stache" would be our official Cinco de Mustache anthem. Download that bitch right here, show it to us on your iPod at the door, and we'll paste a free mustache on your face and direct you to some tequila.


DOWNLOAD: Graveyard BBQ, "Ride the Stache" (mp3)

VIDEO: Critiquing the Phoenix's mustaches

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