Bloomin' Spring

   There were flowers, of course at the Mass Horticultural Society Flower Show — a/k/a/ “Rhapsody in Green” — at the Bayside Expo center last week. But not as many as we’d expected.

Actually, the majority of the capacious Bayside show-space was taken up by a craft fair where vendors large and small pitched everything from decorative brass frogs to chain saws to home-equity loans. That part was a bore, but the plants were nice.

Some were displayed in natural settings; others in inventive arrangements. A survey of the award-winning table-top arrangements made you wonder what these shows must have been like before gay liberation.

Still others were showcased in elaborate stand-alone garden plots, each of which had a theme — some recognizable, some comparatively oblique. There was one set up as a monastery herb garden and several simulations of soul-defiant suburban back yards. One incorporated an electronic grand piano, programmed to tinkle out gag-me hits of the 1980s. And then there were these two pictured displays.

We never got an explanation.

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