Potomac primary-sweep recap: full speeches, headlines, etc.

Even the hacks at Fox News got the bulletin after last night's victory speeches: John McCain can stoop to stealing Barack's stump taglines, but nobody -- American hero or no -- wants to follow Obama. Yes, Hillary is losing the ground game . . . hard. But, as you can see above, what we're really all agog about is MSNBC enabling embeds on their news video. ALL YOUR VIDEOSES BELONGS TO US.

This morning's storylines:

- Obama steamrolls Clinton. Women, white dudes, lunchpail Dems: fired up, ready to go. [NYTimes, WashPost]
- In Virginia, a possible Ohio-of-2008, Obama picks up swing voters while McCain hemmorages indies [The Nation]
- Progressive women no longer feeling the "tug" of Hillary? [Slate]
- Why Black women vote Obama [The Root]
- Inside the Clinton campaign shakeup [Atlantic Monthly]

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