CNN calls MA for Clinton

Unless there's busloads of uncounteds out there, Massachusetts looks like a rout. We'll leave the post-mortems to the guys on staff who know this stuff better than us, but you don't have to be Karl Rove to read this as a blow for Ted Kennedy -- of those polled, less than half of Massachusetts Democrats said Kennedy's endorsement of Obama was important -- and also a significant boost for Tom Menino, who stuck by the Hillz to the end. CNN's maps are solid light-blue in Boston, Worcester . . . hell, just about everywhere. The unofficial exit polls make it sound a lot closer than it actually turned out -- Obama edged out Clinton among young voters, but lost women by about the same margin. Significantly, though, 18- to 29-year-olds made up just 14-percent of the Democratic vote, while women comprised 58 percent of the Democratic vote. Also, in case you were wondering, Hillz beat Obama, 49 to 47, in votes by "all other races."



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