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5 years ago
January 17, 2003 | During an exclusive interview, Tom Menino got candid with the Phoenix’s Seth Gitell.

“One reason Menino is so relentless, so obsessed with detail, is that he doesn’t have anywhere to go. Unlike most sitting politicians, who allow themselves to believe that they are the center of the universe, the mayor doesn’t seem to think that way. . . . He uses the trappings of power, but doesn’t truly believe they are real. ‘Since I’ve been mayor, I have millions of friends. When I walk out that door, 10 people will talk to me . . . ,’ he says, noting that it’s all because he’s mayor. If he leaves office, it’ll all come to an end. ‘A lot of elected officials don’t understand that,’ he adds. ‘I leave this office and I’m not mayor. I’m ex-mayor Menino.’ ”

20 years ago
January 15, 1988 | In his original ‘Tote Board’ column, Steve Stark predicted doom for George Bush Sr. in the Republican primary.

“The vice-president has begun to bleed. Des Moines debate performance was sophomoric. Still hasn’t figured out how to deal with Iran-contra. And the week-long burning-Bush act didn’t help. Claims he’s going back to the old George Bush but seems to forget that no one liked that version, either. Decision to call truce with Dole stems slide temporarily. . . . But, with an Iowa loss a virtual certainty, has to win NH. Better hope Walsh doesn’t announce Iran-contra indictments week before primary.”

25 years ago
January 18, 1983 | Mission of Burma guitarist Roger Miller told Doug Simmons that he was leaving the band.
“Roger Miller . . . will be leaving the band after February. The reason: irreparable damage to his hearing. . . . Miller has three distinct hearing afflictions: decreased reception in both ears, distortion in the right, and tinnitus (or ringing) in both. ‘In September a middle-octave E appeared in my left ear,’ he says, ‘and in December a C-sharp below that E formed. In my right ear, a slightly sharp E began in October. They’re forming fairly interesting chords that never leave. When it’s quiet at night, these notes are screaming.’ ”

30 years ago
January 17, 1978 | Kit Rachlis was down in Atlanta, Georgia, for the Sex Pistols’ American debut.
“Without any announcement, the Sex Pistols have just walked onto the stage of the Great SouthEast Music Hall. . . . It’s a moment that approximately 40 journalists . . . , 500 curious Atlanta rock fans, and a full corps of Warner Bros. publicists have been waiting for. The Sex Pistols aren’t oblivious to the commotion — the audience has risen en masse and is screaming at them. In fact, they seem to revel in it, but their acknowledgement is oblique. ‘My name is John and this is the Sex Pistols,’ Rotten says, with another smile that could break your heart.”

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