Free Passes: Cloverfield advance screening tomorrow night!

Some dude from marketing just handed us five pairs of tickets to see CLOVERFIELD on Thursday night (technically Friday morning) at Midnight, at the Regal Fenway 13. Details below on how to get yours.

We know Lost supergeeks, New York haters, and disaster-film afficionados (and doesn't that cover everyone?) have been gurgling over this thing for a minute. Competing studios are yanking their films out of its path like . . . well, like movie moms yanking their three-year-olds out of the way of a large, terribly destructive, whale-like force storming up Fifth Avenue.

About 99.99999-percent of this, though, is the old Hollywood game of "hide the monster," which we're both astonished and delighted to find, alive and well, in the 21st century. Here's one of our all-time favorite hide-the-monster flicks:

Point being, the shock value of hide-the-monster movies starts plummeting the moment after the first person walks out of the theater and starts text-messaging his friends what the monster looks like -- or snapping camera-phone flicks in the theater and photo-blogging them from their seats, which of course we really don't endorse but if you want to send us some, then whatevs, y'know -- so wouldn't you rather BE part of that first audience? The only audience to truly not have any clue what the monster looks like?

Of course you would.

Here's the deal: take a picture of yourself holding up a current edition of the Phoenix -- email it to The first five emails we receive will get a pass (good for two people) to see CLOVERFIELD tomorrow night at midnight. You MUST be able to pick up the passes in person at the Phoenix offices (126 Brookline Ave, halfway between Fenway Park and the Fenway 13 Theater) no later than tomorrow at 5 pm. After that we feed them to the interns.

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