New Hampshire Video Wrapup: Pig Ladies, Chuck Norris, and Kucinich buskers

The Globe's NH coverage was a snooze, as usual. . . except for this crazy little video blog that they hid away in the bowels of, which probably did more to capture the zany, fucked-up, ridiculous atmosphere of Primary State Mayhem than anything else we've seen in print, on tv, or across the interweb. They should kill everything else and just do this all day. We highly recommend watching faux candidate Vermin Supreme crash a Giuliani rally (FYI: "Supreme, Vermin" had 35 votes on the Republican ballot the last time we looked), the adorable indie boy-girl duo serenading voters on behalf of Dennis Kucinich, the anonymous vlogger who cornered Susan Sarandon and demanded that she defend herself, the Ron Paul Awesome Mobile, Mike Huckabee attributing his Iowa victory to "a serious conservative political thinker" named Chuck Norris, and Chuck Norris interviewed in the back room of a pancake barn. Here's another good one: the pig lady who drives the Ben & Jerry's campaign-finance pig mobile!


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