About Last Night: the Galaxy (and Beckham) at Gillette

Not the scene at Gillette

Earlier, we discussed the impending arrival of David Beckham in our fine ... region. Lara Brotheim, who does marketing here (for a very, um, specific client base) was there, and gave us this account:

Yeah I know who David Beckham is, former Captain of the England national soccer team, FIFA player of the year 2 years in a row, former Manchester United and Real Madrid midfielder. But, whatever. I mean ok, he’s good but really, he’s hot. So when I got tickets to last nights New England Revolution v. L.A. Galaxy game, I was psyched, not so much to see him play but to see him play (fingers crossed) without his shirt on. Well he didn’t play, nor did he move all that much. He sat on a bench (lucky bench) for 90 minutes. He drank blue Gatordade. He ate some snack food, possibly nuts, maybe sunflower seeds, I’m not sure. He smoldered, he brooded, he occasionally stood up and stretched. As my friend and I sat and stalked, being the only people there over age 13 with binoculars and not knowing what was happening on the field we were serenaded by a torn crowd. There were the chants of “Beckham sucks” answered by a group of young girls with “no he doesn’t”. There was the guy directly behind me who can only kindly be described as David’s Beckham’s physical polar opposite, screaming. “Where’s Beckham, in the locker room putting on his panties?” There was the full minute of booing as David Beckham’s face appeared on the jumbo-tron. But by far the several minutes of the crowd chanting “Posh Spice” was the most entertaining. There were moms with “Will You Marry Me David” signs sitting next to sons holding “Go Revs” signs. There were husbands in Revolution jerseys sitting next to wives in homemade I heart Beckham tees. There were fans hoping to see him play and fans hoping he’d go back to England. Yet thru it all he sat, and sat, and sat some more like the $250million dollar international soccer star that he is. They hate him, they love, either way he is an (attractive) attraction. Is he good for MLS? Will he save American soccer?  I don’t know, hell I don’t even know who won the game.

Sounds like MLS has done what they set out to do, here.

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