Buy Kanye West's album and force 50 Cent to retire

Kanye thought the "debate" idea was "the stupidest thing"

50 Cent has taken his (somewhat one-sided, as far as we can tell) feud with Kanye West to another level: if Graduation outsells Curtis on September 11th (the day they both come out in stores), then 50 Cent is going to stop making albums.

We see a flaw with 50's plan. It seems to us that Kanye has more pull these days with the ... shall we say crossover audience: he's recently worked with Daft Punk, Will Oldham, and Peter, Bjorn, and John.

50's actions strike us as those of a desperate man. He seems to be putting a lot of pressure on himself with this album. He's already released five singles from it, and already has gotten pissed at his label because some videos have leaked to the internet. Wait until he finds out that quite a few people are just going to download both albums instead of buying them.

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