The latest in the never ending stream of Simpsons Movie promotions

Since at least the late seventeenth century, a hillside in Cerne Abbas, England, has been adorned by a 180-foot-long carving of a club-wielding giant. The figure also sports an impressive erection (it would translate to almost 11 inches on an average male frame), and has thus long been revered by pagans as a fertility symbol — and been, ahem, “visited” by many a childless couple looking to get lucky.


But this age-old fertility symbol has now found a friend: artist Peter Stuart, commissioned by The Simpons Movie publicity team, has drawn a doughnut-brandishing Homer in water-based biodegradable paint to the original giant’s left. Unlike his nude neighbor, this huge Homer is modestly covered up by a pair of tighty whities. Locals, however, are having a cow over the cartoon character’s unannounced appearance, and a group of pagans peeved at the publicity stunt have pledged to perform “rain magic” to wash the offending image from their sacred site.


--Jackie Houton

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