"Nappy Headed Ho's," The Movie

I assumed at first that the California-based Kick Ass Pictures was doing this as some sort of sick joke. But, the adult video company’s president Mark Kulkis has quite unbelievably linked the decision to put out a film called “Nappy Headed Ho’s” to the issue of free speech. From the press release: "As an adult media company, we're especially defensive of free speech. Don Imus is a loudmouth and perhaps a bigot. However, CBS Radio was hypocritical in hiring Imus to be blunt and outspoken, then firing him for the same reason. Fellow broadcast personalities Ann Coulter and Pat Robertson spew anti-gay slurs, yet they are not fired by their networks." He also says in that press release that $1 dollar from each DVD sold will be donated to Imus's retirement fund. Should the defeated shock jock decline the offer, the proceeds will go instead to the United Negro College Fund. What a guy!



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