One down, 19 to go

Dude, we’re definitely gonna win the East.

Darrell Rasner? Total freaking pwnage.

Ross Ohlendorf? All his pitch are belong to us.

Am I worried at all that Wakefield looked very shaky while Carl Pavano (he of the bruised buttocks, strained shoulder, bad back, two broken ribs, and elbow chips) suddenly looked actually kinda sorta decent?

Not a whit. Why should any of that matter? We BEAT THE YANKEES in a very important game.

Seriously, though, kudos to the bullpen for a solid outing. Even if it was against titanic mashers like Miguel Cairo and Bronson Sardinha.  

How could Hart Brachen miss this epochal showdown?

What is Manny hiding under his helmet?

Poor Youk. It’s gotta be tough living in Boston on only $424,000 a year. (In fairness, though, he is hitting the snot of the ball this spring. And it’s pretty kooky that his backup is making 13 times what he is.)

Armando Benitez? No thanks.

Hideki Matsui’s head is enormous.

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