"I'm taking 18 credits, two days a week… then I work two days a week at Teen Vogue… and I also intern at Chanel!"

Who said it?

That would be Teen Vogue's NYC-based Super Intern Emily Weiss.

The Teen Vogue way.

A word about Emily: I am obsessed with her. I am also obsessed with The Hills, which is where Em first appeared a couple of weeks ago to assist LA Teen Vogue interns Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port on a special event.

So far, I've found out quite a bit about Emily, thanks to some excellent digging by Radar's intrepid style blogger Rachel Syme. Fashionista, a new up-and-comer in the fashion blogosphere (launched by Dead Horse Media's Elisabeth Spiers and helmed by Faran Krentcil, a former Fashion Week Daily reporter and The Imaginary Socialite, who I effing LOVE) is also on the case.

This morning, Fashionista contributor Kevin Khuong unearthed "Behind the Seams," Teen Vogue's new intern fashion blog.

Take special note of the black & white photo of Emily standing with Teen Vogue's Fashion News Director Jane Keltner. Keep in mind this girl hasn't graduated from college yet and she was chosen by the mag to attend Paris Fashion week. A year ago.

Like I said. OBSESSED.

Now, I don't really care how rich Emily is or how many connections she has, because even though I can practically see the claws coming out (Anna Wintour, watch out!) it's obvious she's will do whatever it takes, including selling her very soul, to stay on the Teen Vogue masthead after she finishes up at NYU. So, you know, credit where credit is due. And, anyone who can pull off a Marni sack dress this well is someone I wouldn't mind having a coffee with -- even if she wanted me as nothing more than a frenemy she could crush on her way to the top.

So, Emily, if you're reading this -- surely you have a Google alert on your name by now -- inquiring minds want to know. Was Lauren nice to you? Is Lisa Love scary as hell in person? Is Karl Lagerfeld preserved in pickle juice when he isn't posing for the camera? And last but not least, can you please, please, PLEASE tell me what you did to make your hair look so ridiculously delicious and shiny? I'll be your blank slate. Style me!

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