Tied up tight

So is Curt Schilling changing the name of his MMORPG company from Green Monster Games to 38Studios so as to distance himself from the Red Sox lest his final year is played in another uniform?

Let’s hope not. If the paltry 19 pitches he threw last night (18 fastballs and a slider) are any indication whatsoever — and they may not be — it would behoove us to keep him around for a while. Schill looked crisp and sharp, throwing 15 of those tosses for strikes, giving up just two hits and no runs.

And, like clockwork, that first “start” of the season found him posting online at SoSH almost as soon as the game was over:

Ah the game threads. As much a right of passage as the game itself in this nation, great to be able to check in again and see who's ripping whom :)

"Schill looks a little pudgy"

Has there been a time, since my embryonic state, that I haven't?

245 pds 9/28/06

243 pds 2/28/07

I'll shave 8 more off by opening day but damned if I won't still look pudgy. Kapler I am not.

Point taken.

In other news...

I will be starting up my own blog in the near future that I will be posting to frequently over the next few years.

Aiming to tie in Shonda's Shade Foundation, the ALS Association and the computer gaming company as parts of it, background stuff really, while I post about baseball, and other stuff people might like to read about.

Sweet! Shaughnessy must be tearing his curly red hair out.

Other things we learned last night: Julian Tavarez will not be the closer. (Or at least he shouldn’t be.)

But Brendan Donnelly might. And Joel Pineiro, despite giving up two hits and a run, looked intriguing.

And it was great to see Murphy (2 for 3 with a run scored), Pedroia (1 for 2 with two runs scored) and Ellsbury (1 for 3 with two RBI) making some noise in the bottom of the order.

I believe the children are our future.

Although you’ve got to wonder if they look at a guy like Matt White, a prospect who was a good deal less talented than them — remember this nightmare? — and think about maybe getting into the stone quarrying business instead. “Well over $2 billion”? Ye gods.

One more thing: Chin up, Looie.

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