Fashion Week: Irina, not Aqua Teen

Not everyone is laughing up a lung at Boston’s stupidity when it comes to lite-brites and '70s haircuts. Certain New Yorkers, for example, have far more deliciously superficial matters to captivate their attentions. That’s because it’s Fashion Week -- something I dare say the majority of Bostonians could probably care less about. Unless you’ve been taking advantage of the frigid temps by holing up in your apartment, obsessively watching the Style network, giving yourself carpel tunnel due to frantic Googling for pics of Marc Jacobs’s fall line, sashaying in front of your mirror with the door closed and music on loud, trying on old outfits in an attempt to make them look new again, etc. Surely, I have some kindred spirits out there? Please? I feel so alone.

So, besides those heinous fur hats circa Gulag Russia, layered tights, and underwearish dresses, the number one obsession of Fashion Week right now isn’t an it, it’s a who. Here she is.

Photo via Fashionista

Irina Lazareanu. She’s super best friends with Kate Moss, co-writes Babyshambles songs with Pete “I’m off drugs” Doherty, and just happens to be the stunning new face of Balenciaga. The buzz is louder than your cry of defeat when you realized all the good Proenza stuff at the Somerville Target was gone by Saturday. Everyone is talking about her.

It’s not hard to understand why.

So cool she can't be bothered to open her eyes all the way.

Yes, well, back to the Mooninites, then.

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