Citing Mooninite scare, artist cancels Boston exhibit

Call it the Big Chill: after the events of the past 48 hours, would any self-respecting public artist want to exhibit anything that might be mistaken for, erm, a bomb? Hellz no. So count the easter bunny -- sort of -- as the latest casualty of Boston's Aqua Teen Hunger Farce. The following came in via email from Louisville-based artist Jeffrey Scott Holland, who had been planning a public-art exhibit here this spring. (Find out more at his EGGS NOT BOMBS site.)

As you may know, last year I left green Easter Eggs in various
public and semi-public places in several American cities, as part
of my PROJECT EGG public art installation. This April, it had been
my intent to the expand the egg hunt to cover the entire nation,
with eggs hidden in the major cities of each of the fifty states.
However, in the wake of the ludicrous and Orwellian response of
Boston city officials to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force ad campaign,
I have been deeply morally appalled at behavior and statements
of Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and Assistant Attorney General
John Grossman, claiming that lightboxes such as those used in
the Aqua Teen Hunger Force ad campaign were no longer
appropriate in a "post 9/11 world", and that the "hoax" perpetrators
"clearly intended" the lightboxes to be mistaken for bombs.
Given this chilling effect the powers-that-be in Boston have cast on
free expression (not to mention common sense), I must withdraw my
intent to give away Easter Eggs in the state of Massachusetts in
April. I will not give these men further fuel in their drive to present
themselves as intelligent and valiant fighters of "potential" terrorism
in the name of national security, which is the real hoax being
perpetrated here.
To paraphrase Senator Jordan in the original Manchurian Candidate
film, "these men could not be doing more harm to America than if
they were paid Russian agents".
Holland also worries, not without reason, that "the entire project may be jeopardized now because of Mayor Menino ratcheting up nationwide paranoia and hysteria over 'potential terrorism' in found objects." Developing...
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