"Zebbler" revealed: arrested Mooninite man poses naked! Mp3s!

Here's what we know about Peter "Zebbler" Berdovsky. He's 27 or 29 years old. He faces up to five years in prison for putting up a bunch of lite-brite Mooninites. As the government's scapegoat for yesterday's "bomb hoax" -- which played in every other media market in the country as, "Look how stupid those Boston people are" -- he's about to become a very public martyr for the viral-marketing industry. At present, he's only taking questions about "haircuts in the '70s."

But let's face it: that's really tangential information. What we really want to know is, Who is this guy? What does he look like naked? Did he have a band?

Now for some answers. From the website of his band, Superfiction, for which he is the singer:

A writer, a voice artist, a music maker, a painter, a sculptor, and an
established video artist who studies human neurology, and
consciousness as a hobby. Peter Berdovsky (aka Zebbler) is a natural
born performer using any means possible to bring ideas to life, from
singing for cow herds to live video performances. Surrounded by an
urge to squish sounds since childhood Zebbler began trying out the
rock band thing when he was was 14 years old and still in Belarus.
I guess growing up where the local police enforcement is encouraged
to pull aside kids on the street, hold guns to their heads and threaten
them as a way of keeping them in check might inspire some thrashing
noise rock. For Peter this is a life long project, perfecting the band's
performances year after year, incorporating new knowledge and new
technologies and sounds into what they do. Oh, and he can make
websites as well. Check his solo work out at

"I love to play with people's brains, what other chance like that
can I get? Music is capable of syncing up masses of people.
Performing sound live is an amazing opportunity to communicate a
message on multiple levels, conscious and unconscious, emotional and
reasoned. I want to pry open secret doors and explore hidden realms
without getting lost forever - while bringing other people in for a

Well, um . . . mission accomplished, we suppose. Now about that naked picture:

We can already hear your pirated copy of Photoshop whirring into action. Post links in the comments. Zebbler entered a not-guilty plea this morning. But he pleads differently . . . in his music! Here's lyrics from "My Knot":

Love could tease it out
Through your
Trusting gentle eyes

When I say I am sorry
I am trying my best
To put my past to rest
I'm trying my best

DOWNLOAD: Superfiction, "My Knot" (mp3)


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