Tonight: Earl Grayhound

Unlike their more famous, even-less-inventive retro-rock power-trio counterparts Wolfmother, NYC's EARL GREYHOUND do Zeppelin and the MC5 without coming across entirely contrived and utterly boring. Yes, the combination of chick-with-Afro and Creem-flavored influences will make Abbey Loungers scream "I LIKED THE BELLRAYS THE FIRST TIME AROUND!" But as Rummy might say, you go to the rock show with the late-’60s-Detroit-proto-punk-and-’70s-hard-rock band you've got. And this one happens to kick out the jams like a fucking Mule, or at least like Lenny Kravitz covering the Jesus Lizard. We're still trying to figure out what they're doing on Quicksand's label, and if anyone finds out before we do, please email. In the meantime, before some major label scoops them up and re-releases their stellar full-length debut, Soft Targets (Some), go see them upstairs at the Middle East [CLICK FOR DETAILS].

DOWNLOAD: Earl Greyhound, "S.O.S." (mp3)
DOWNLOAD: Earl Greyhound, "Not Gonna Wait" (mp3)
DOWNLOAD: Earl Greyhound, "Fashion" (mp3)

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