Writers, librarians react to OWS People's Library Seizure


Over at Shareable, Paul M. Davis is keeping real-time tabs on what's happening with the Occupy Wall Street People's Library after the NYPD seized its books during the raid of Zucotti Park. (A brief rundown: the police and impounded the library's 5,000 books -- the picture above was tweeted by the mayor's office to assure people the books hadn't been destroyed. Today, OWS protesters are retrieving the books, many of which have gone missing. The library is rebuilding through donations.)

Davis is calling for reactions on the book raid. Be forewarned: they'll make you super sad. "The beautiful library is gone. Our collection of 5,000 books is gone. Our tent that was donated is gone. All the work we’ve put into making it is gone," wrote People's Library staffer Stephen Boyer. "Destroying libraries during a raid is like shooting the dog. Oh, you can dream up endless excuses for why, but you're a toolbag," writes Jason Scott of

Read all the reactions here.

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