Senate Intelligence Committee batting Zero


What with all the turmoil worth looking into in the world today, the Senate Intelligence Committee decided that they had better things to do than  probe into the collusion between the CIA and the makers of "Zero Dark Thirty." They announced the end of the investigation on Monday. Say, wasn't that the day after the Academy Awards, in which "ZDT" ended up only getting a measly tie with "Skyfall" for Best Sound Editing after months of bogus persecution from politicos and pinheaded pundits? So I guess it was mission accompished for this crack group of legislators.

Somehow I don't expect them to look very deeply into the cooperation between the CIA and Best Picture winner "Argo," although, as this Reuters story reports, "[t]he government cooperated as much, if not more" with the makers of "Argo" than with "ZDT," even allowing them access to filming in their top secret Langley headquarters.

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