Palm Springs 2: Pop Quiz

We've seen over 30 films so far and already I see patterns forming. Hollywood takes a lot of heat for its formilaic repetition but I'm starting to think that the rest of the world has caught up and is mixing up formulae of its own. Anyway, that's my excuse for posting this quiz about films you probably haven't seen yet and some of you probably never will.

Very simple: match the plot synopses with the movies they describe.


1. Kid moves to new town and has a hard time adjusting because his parents are members of a revolutionary guerilla army.

2. Kid fed up with mother and life at home runs away and hangs out with a revolutionary guerrilla army.

3. Kid kills her parents under the orders of a warlord and leaves home to fight with a revolutionary guerrilla army.

4. Kid runs away from home with siblings because parents are high-ranking Nazis detained by the US Army and struggles to keep the family unit together.

6. Kid is bullied at school, hangs out with the wrong crowd, and gets in trouble while his older sister struggles to keep the family unit together.

7.Young woman hangs out with the wrong crowd, is bullied, and gets in trouble while her younger brother struggles to keep the family unit together.

8.Teenaged girl hangs out with wrong crowd, gets in trouble, is bullied, and is forced to eat shit by tormentors as her grieving widower father neglects her.

9.Woman insists she is the long lost mother of a sadistic loan enforcer, feels guilty for neglecting him, struggles to please him, gets bullied, and is forced to eat shit.

10.Woman is bullied by her husband and his friend, struggles to remain sane, and kills all her children.


a. "After Lucia," directed by Michel Franco (Mexico)

b. "Kauwboy," directed by Boudewijn Koole (Netherlands)

c. "Our Children," directed by Joachim LaFosse (Belgium)

d. "Children of Sarajevo," directed by Aida Begic (Bosnia-Herzogovina)

e."Clandestine Childhood," directed by Benjamin Avila (Argentina)

f. "Lore," directed by Cate Shortland (Australia)

g. "War Witch," directed by Kim Nguyen (Canada)

h. "Inuk," directed by Mike Magidson (Greenland)

i. "Pieta," directed by Kim Ki-Duk (South Korea)

j. "Sister," directed by Ursula Meier (Switzerland)

 Good luck!

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