See this film: Arachnophobia @fter midnight at the Coolidge

The best way to conquer fear is to confront it, so if you suffer from Arachnophobia (1990) you might try enduring Frank Marshall's black-comic horror flick. In it, a giant man-eating spider finds its way to the suburbs where it mates with the local species, producing a smaller, but just as nasty, rapidly proliferating hybrid. Jeff Daniels plays a harried home owner, and John Goodman is the oddball exterminator called in to deal with the problem. Bring a can of Raid and a rolled-up newspaper to this @fter Midnite screening at the Coolidge Corner Theatre, 290 Harvard St, Brookline | Friday, July 27-Saturday, 28 @ midnight | $9 | 617.734.2501 or

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