No termination date on Arnold's movie career


Unlike Anthony Weiner or Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a day job he can fall back on after saying "Hasta la vista, baby" to his political career. Lionsgate Films has announced that the former governor of California, currently disgraced husband and father, will star in its upcoming "The Last Stand," directed by hot Korean action master Kim Jee-Woon, whose semi-satirical Eastern-Western "The Good, the Bad, and the Weird," and relentless revenge slasher picture "I Saw the Devil"  show a knack for emulating auteurs like Sergio Leone and Sam Raimi.

In it, Arnold - having no doubt mastered a Southwestern accent -  will play a former LA cop turned sheriff of a backwater border town whose quiet semi-retirement comes to an end when a drug kingpin escapes Federal custody and tries to escape to Mexico. The bad guy has hostages, a gang of thugs, and is riding in a souped-up car that cruises at 200 mph.  And of course he's heading directly for Arnold's peaceful little burg.


So, it's  kind of metaphor for Schwarzenegger's own career; after a long hiatus he has to whip himself back into action movie shape to take on the bad guys. And it's an interesting take on the issue of illegal immigration: undesirables slipping over the border -  in the opposite direction.

Who knows, maybe Weiner will take a cue from Arnold and take a shot at the adult entertainment industry?

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