Psychic marsupial calls the Oscars


Having already committed my Oscar predictions to print (they will appear in next Thursday's "Phoenix"), I feel a sickening surge of anxiety reading this article about Heidi, the cross-eyed opossum, in the Leipzig Zoo. Like her late colleague Paul the Psychic Octopus from the Oberhausen Sea Life Centre, who picked Spain to win the World Cup last year, Heidi is also reputed to have a talent for predicting the outcome of contests, in this case the Academy Awards. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until February 27 when Jimmy Kimmel will interview Heidi as part of his pre-ceremony Oscar TV show to learn her predictions.

Exactly what method Heidi will use to determine her choices is unclear (Paul selected a mussel from boxes labeled with the flags of contending teams). Perhaps more information about this might be available for those with knowledge of German on Heidi's Facebook page, "Heidi, das schielende Opposum."

By the way, what is it about animals whose name begins with the letter "O" that grants them the gift of prophecy? I'd advise all ostriches, ocelots, and oryxes, especially those currently in German zoos, to get their agents on the case right away.

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