New swag: can you top this?


After a long fallow period, the swag front has picked up lately. The recent trend is for studio publicists to mail out something that is totally incomprehensible. Like a couple of weeks ago I got this metal, top-like, dreidl thing; turns out, of course, that it's a replica of the key mnemnonic device in "Inception."  And then yesterday I got a brown-stained funnel in a plastic evidence bag with nothing else to indicate what the hell it's supposed to be.


Then I see this on the website. Clever, effective, disgusting, and inexpensive, but I still miss the good old days when, for example,  the "Ravenous" (1999)  people sent out a four pound sirloin steak. Delicious. And then other people have sent ice cream and a pie and luggage and electronics equipment. I'm not greedy -- even a T-shirt would be welcome.


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