Von Trier: Willem Dafoe's penis "too big" for Antichrist

We suspect some of you may have missed the salient segment of Peter Keough's interview with Antichrist director Lars Von Trier this week, in which he revealed that Willem Dafoe required a stunt-cock for the film. And not, as in the case of Marky Wahlberg in Boogie Nights, because his member was insufficient for the part, but for the opposite reason: Dafoe's dick is just way too fucking huge: 

Willem Dafoe — and I think you've mentioned this before — plays probably the worst therapist in the history of movies.
First of all, I have been undergoing this cognitive therapy for three years, and I tend to get sarcastic about it. One of the main ideas behind the treatment is that a fear is a thought, and a thought doesn’t change reality. But you can say in the film that it’s changed reality. As for Dafoe, I wouldn’t let him treat her in any other way than with his dick; he has an enormous dick. We had to take those scenes out of the film. We had a stand-in for him because we had to take the scenes out with his own dick.

You had a stand-in dick for Dafoe?
We had to, because Will’s was too big.

Too big to fit on the screen?
No, too big because everybody got very confused when they saw it.

Why the confusion? Perhaps this: very small man, very big dick. We had the opportunity to meet Dafoe briefly earlier this year when he came to the Brattle Theater. Dafoe, it turns out, is short: we're guessing he'd be five-five in heels. Who says big things can't come in small packages?

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