Kim and Clinton: the movie?

I was watching some of the news stories on Clinton's success at getting the two journalists released from North Korea and one of the reporters said something to the effect that if you had written this in a movie script no one would have believed it.

Then it occurred to me: WAS it a movie script? Kim is known to be an avid movie buff with thousands of films in his collection. He's such a fan, in fact, that he has kidnapped  some of his favorite directors and actresses to work in his industry. Could he have put together this production?

On the other hand, Kim's tastes tend to run in a less pacific direction. His favorite movies include  "Rambo," "Friday the 13th" and the James Bond films, which suggests perhaps that had he written the script he might have opted for a more action-packed climax. So we arrive at the possibility that Clinton, or even the Obama administration, might have written the screenplay. After all, they had the last 8 years of the Bush administration as an example to fall back on. These guys staged complete fictions and promoted illusions (Powell's presentation at the UN; the President landing on an aircraft carrier to proclaim the end of major combat; the whole song and dance about WMD, etc.) in order to wage a war that was unnecessary and based on fabrications, though it did resulted in all-too-real tragic consequences.

So why not apply  this dream factory approach to foreign policy to more peaceful ends? Like diplomatically resolving a nasty crisis that otherwise could have ended badly?

Be that as it may, if the prisoner release story wasn't scripted before, it probably will be in the near future. If Hollywood takes a pass, no doubt Kim's people will express interest in the property.

That is, if the person Clinton met with was indeed Kim Jong Il. Some say the erratic despot actually died in 2003, and that he has been portrayed by a look-alike actor ever since. So the past six years of North Korean shenanigans have been nothing but playacting.

One way or another, it's only a movie.

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