Once again the Brandchannel people are about to present their annual awards  for product polacement achievements in film, but this year they are including the poor schmucks who pay $10 to be unwittingly subjected to this insidious advertising in the award process. But you have to act fast! Voting ends today!

Here are some of the categories up for votes:

Scene Stealer: Brand that stole the spotlight from the actual stars of the film.

Bomb: Brandcameo that ruined your enjoyment of a scene or film.

Odd Couple: Brandcameo with the most awkward fit

Film Whore: Film that sold more of its soul to accommodate product placement.

To this I would suggest adding a “September Issue of Vogue” award for the film with the most ostentatious display of chi-chi labels and give it to “Sex and the City” and the “Movie in Disguise” award to the film that came closest to eliminating all traces of actual filmmaking and replacing them with product promotion -- that would go to“Transformers” even though it came out last year.

Here’s a link to refresh your memory of some of the year’s product placement highlights.

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