All's fair in love and "War, Inc.?"


As you might recall, in his discussion  a few days back of "War, Inc." John Cusack mentioned as an example of a straight-talking journalist CBS newsperson Lara Logan. Indeed, she  might have served as somewhat of a model of that film’s heroine, the crusading reporter played by Marisa Tomei who gets involved romantically with the corporate hitman played by Cusack. Now, according to "The New York Post," life seems to be imitating politically edgy entertainment as they report that Logan had an affair with a US Embassy worker while on assignment in Baghdad (she also apparently found time to make whoopie with CNN reporter Michael  Ware).       

Apparently the embassy guy’s estranged wife is making a fuss about it as leverage in the couple’s ongoing divorce procedures. But you have to wonder about political motivations, since Logan, as Cusack noted, is one of the few outspoken critics of the administration in mainstream media. CBS, however, insists that she will retain her recent post as their  “foreign affairs” chief. You can imagine what "The Post" did with that unfortunate choice of words.

 Let that be a warning to whomever is named in this blog as being in opposition to those in power! Who knew how widely read and influential it must be! Who knows how delusional I can be!

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