[phlipcam video + emo overload] Taking Back Sunday ("Tell All Your Friends" 10 Year Anniversary Show) @ the House of Blues

Cute Without the 'E' (Cut From the Team)

The 2000's was sort of a shitty decade for... most things. Think about all the things in the aughts that used to be things that are no longer things but at the time we totally thought were Things. TRL. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. Trucker hats. On that note, Ashton Kutcher. These are some things did not weather the test of time.

One thing that did weathered it remarkably well, however, is TAKING BACK SUNDAY's 2002 masterpiece of an emo record Tell All Your Friends, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The band dedicated an entire sold-out show at the HoB this past Saturday to that album -- an event that would have 17-year-old me crapping in my Dickies with excitement. (28-year-old me was not not excited.)

When I told my roommate where I was off to Saturday night she looked perplexed and said something like, "People still go to see that band? What's their audience like now, a bunch of teeny boppers, or what?" To which I got all aggro and responded something like, "uh, you're a teeny bopper," before stomping out of the apartment and slamming the door behind me because god, nobody understands me.

But, no, the extremely, manically amped up crowd pressing towards the stage Saturday was decidedly adult. Seeing this band's 10th anniversary show was kind of like attending your 10-year high school reunion: everyone looks familiar...just slightly older and paunchier than you remembered. But, who cares, because you're all old enough to buy booze now and you guys shared some really awesome times together. Like, the best times.

And also, did I mention that this album holds the fuck up? It's still so good, and that's not just because I still haven't quite outgrown my arrested emo phase. Saturday's show was woefully short because a) it's not that long an album and b) we all had to clear out of there before 10 pm to make room for the HoB's "Epic Saturday" dance party but that kind of added to the authenticity. We were all on curfew and had to get our kicks in while we could. I think we got them.

Bike Scene

TBS opened with a crowd-riling "MakeDamnSure" (Phoenix Best Emo Song of All Time #6) before getting down to business. They came to play Tell All Your Friends front to back and that is exactly what they did. (To the letter -- they didn't even grant us an encore, which was sort of #emo but we all forgave them because this was the best night our teenage selves never had.) More of a sing-a-long than a show, it was sometimes hard to hear the actual band over the dude in the business casual-wear bellowing along to "You Know How I Do" over my right shoulder and, uh, everyone screaming along tearfully to "You're So Last Summer" but it was all good because we all <3 this album a lot.

Adam Lazzara disappeared from the stage about halfway through the show (no worries, the crowd had this thing covered) and made his way through the crowd to say hello, howyoubeen? I couldn't really see him through all the flashing of iphones and swooning people in his wake, but I was too busy tearfully singing along with the Emo Class of 2002 to really mind.

Turns out, we all still get along just fine.

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