Is it too soon to joke about an MCA hologram? Not on Twitter.

How long did it take for the internet to start making Adam Yauch hologram jokes? Oh, about 30 seconds. Here's a random assortment of people who probably thought they had an original thought. 

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MCA hologram: too soon?

Hey, look: it's 500 people who thought it would be clever to make a hologram-MCA joke.

Storified by Boston Phoenix · Sat, May 05 2012 16:51:35

Bye Adam...!TiM!
Can't wait for the MCA hologram.Jason Mayhem Miller
RIP #MCA I hope you never have to go on tour as a hologram.Miranda Boyce
$1000 says we get an MCA hologram at the 2013 Grammy AwardsMatt Shane
Showed the Coldplay covers Beastie Boy's video to the 15yo. He replied with,'where's the MCA hologram? palm
Beastie Boys - Intergalactic: via @youtube VOTE YES FOR MCA HOLOGRAM !!!!!!!!!!sammijr1
Still can't believe MCA is gone...looking forward to that Coachella hologramSteven Robaina
The only positive thing about MCA's passing is now there is a white rapper worth turning into a hologram #RIPMCA you will be missedFreddie Levenson
Can we hologram MCA like 2pac at coachchella and have a farewellconcert? #RIPMCAChris McCarthy
Beastie Boys concert featuring hologram MCA ?Brandon C
I know you don't want to hear this, but Hologram MCA is on his way. #RIPMCADavid Kumbroch
I wonder if the Beastie Boys will now tour with an MCA hologram.Ben Ash
MCA hologram anyone?Sven Swag
Just booked the MCA Hologram at The Metcalf South Shopping Center for #BUTS Night 1.Fake Lazlo
So bummed about MCA. The Beasties brought people together. I'll be in line for this hologram tour. #RIPMCAPatrick Courrielche
So when's the MCA hologram coming out? #toosoonBa®bara Baughman
beastie boys to tour next month with hologram of MCA. #ripmca #toosoon?seanpauls
Spent last night in the garage with flashlights and shadow boxes perfecting my MCA hologram.Story Seeking
Hologram MCA? Too early? #RIPMCAJuli Peterson
I want an MCA hologram to tell us everything's gonna be okay.Jason Lee Weight
Will be starting a @kickstarter project to get an #MCA hologram to come live with meHundredMillion
I heard MCA hologram will be on tour later this year ...Gil V ™
In 2015, Tibet is finally freed by a hologram MCA #adamyauchDavid Allen
I don't know why everyone is sad for the passing of MCA, I'm sure they'll be bringing his hologram on tour shortly. #toosoonChris Koerner
How long before MCA is a hologram? Only fitting to apply some Intergalactic technology to the BeastiesJay Meloff
MCA's hologram is gonna be awesome! #MCAHologram #MCA #RIPMCAClinton Akins
Bring back MCA #Hologram #GonetoosoonRuby Sue Cutie Poo
Dear beastie boys,We would rather you do the whole weekend-at-Bernie's thing with MCA than see him in hologram form. Sincerely,EveryoneHermit the Frog
also, don't do an MCA hologramLOCAL VANDALS
i'm calling it.. a Beastie Boys memorial tour with an MCA hologram. #iWouldGo #ripAdamYauchalexis
Please tell me that Spike Jonze is getting the MCA hologram ready for Coachella next year. #MCAPete Sununu
Did I just hear a suggestion to bring back MCA in hologram form? A bit too soon, if you ask me!musopantz
Let's talk about how much we all miss MCA. Better yet, let's make a gd hologram or 3D rendition already.Pop Culture many years until #MCA shows up at Coachella as a hologram? #BeastieBoysChelsea Hands
MCA gått bort. Snart tillbaks som ett hologram. #theforce4realPeter Olausson
Too soon for hologram MCA?Scott Vollmer
Rip MCA. Please beasties dont do the hologram show!!!Laura A.
Can we get a hologram MCA please?Nathaniel Kiplinger
okay where's the MCA hologram #noreally #hurryupKate Riehl
MCA Hologram. When is that tour going to happen, huh Beastie Boys?Peter Lavelle
We fucking better get an MCA hologram soon.Brian Slonka
If anyone makes a hologram MCA joke I am going to End Their Life By Punching Them Until They DieDrew Henderson
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