[live review] Bob Seger @ the DCU Center

And another one comes off the list. Bruce Springsteen came off three years ago at Bonnaroo. Because he's a touring whore, Tom Petty came off when I was still in high school. Same with Bob Dylan. Roger Waters is off; David Gilmour, regretfully not. Neil Young is currently residing at the top, so if someone can convince him to stop charging $90 for the cheap seats next time he comes around, it'd be much obliged.

The hallowed list, my friends, is rock icons of my youth that I insist on catching live at least once before they (or I, even) croak. Sometimes, this can result an painstakingly masochistic experience, wherein those icons can get chopped down a notch or two in your canon as a result of their ineptitude in advanced age rocking (cough*Dylan*cough).

But often times, as was the case last night at the DCU Center, it's a rewarding experience; one that pays off in a full circle atonement of reverence, even if you currently only enjoy the artist's in passing, by way of Oldies 103.3 or the like.

As it turns out, even at a ripe 66, BOB SEGER still has it. This was probably best evidenced from his power stance. Black headband on with knees slightly bent just outside shoulder width, Seger punched toward the heavens for much of the show's duration. This succeeded in whipping the near-capacity audience into a frenzy without fail, a task I wasn't sure would be obtainable upon entering the arena.

Never one to advocate ageism, any commentary on the night would be remiss without mentioning the crowd, who really brought any commentary upon themselves. There were no less than three people who cracked on me for being out of place based on my age. When I tried to explain that I grew up on Seger's music, they literally laughed in my face. Can you believe the nerve?! No, but for real, everyone was old.

Seger, however, shows no signs of wear outside of his gray bowl cut. He belongs in the category of artists with so many hits in his back catalog that you don't even realize half of them are actually by him. "Roll Me Away," "Rock and Roll Never Forgets," "Fire Down Below"? Who fucking knew? But all were present last night and prominently nestled alongside a number of more "undeniably Seger" cuts -- with "Night Moves," "Mainstreet," and "Turn the Page" especially killing it.

And while the man deserves all the credit for upkeeping his unflinchingly cool croon after all these years, any review would be remiss in not mentioning the Silver Bullet Band. They were sufficiently "classic rock" in their presentation, providing a full -- as opposed to sharp and clear -- compliment to Seger's revue.

Also, just try listening to him sing "We've Got Tonight" live and not get chills. Song will take your heart hostage and dispose of it somewhere around your stomach everytime, without fail.

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