DOWLOAD: historic Nirvana concert at Axis in September 1991, the night before Nevermind was released

We once voted this the second greatest concert ever to happen in Boston: the legendary gig played by NIRVANA on the night before Nevermind was released, at WFNX's 8th birthday party at Axis. We just celebrated this gig's 20th anniversary -- Bullet LaVolta drummer Todd Philips, who opened the gig, wrote about it for us last month -- and we just heard the tapes of the Smashing Pumpkins set a few weeks ago. Many more people have claimed to have been at this show than were ever there -- and there's only a smidge of MTV-recorded video available of Nirvana's set. So now, without further ado, here's another show from legendary WFNX DJ Duane Bruce -- who also dug up Nirvana's 1990 show at Man Ray -- and who will be back in town as part of WFNX's throwback weekend over Thanksgiving. Holy crap:


LISTEN: Smashing Pumpkins opening for Nirvana at WFNX 8th Birthday Party

WATCH: Video of Nirvana at WFNX's 8th Birthday Party

UPDATE: From the man himself, Duane Bruce:

I remember that the WFNX staff was pumped for this show more than any other in its history and deservedly so. The Axis staff was also ready to go. MTV was on hand as well as a number of other local, national and international journalists. The show was later written about in NME. By the time that you get to “Rape Me” you will be transfixed and may even start to tear up a bit. It was only the fourth time that they had performed it live. WFNX had an early copy of ‘Nevermind’ and we played some tracks for the great Lenny Kaye, guitarist for Patti Smith, about a week before the show. He had never heard of Nirvana, but upon hearing them declared “that somebody has to protect them.

I have had this recording as well as the previously released Nirvana show at ManRay for the past 20 years and realized that it was time to share with everyone. One day, I will be gone and they will wind up on the curb. They deserve better than that. It’s rock and roll history. Thank you Maxell for making a quality product that lasted.
I remember that right before the set, both Krist and Dave were on stage and ready to go, but no sign of Mr. Cobain. I had to dash upstairs through the thick crowd and met Kurt on the stairwell as his bandmates cat-called him from the stage. I can still hear Krist in his falsetto voice…”Oh Kuurrtt” coming through the speakers. 30 seconds later, then WFNX Music Director Kurt St. Thomas introduced them……..enjoy!

DOWNLOAD LINK: Nirvana, Live at Axis Boston WFNX 8th Birthday [mediafire] 

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