[live review] TV on the Radio + Broken Social Scene @ the Pavilion

TV ON THE RADIO do to my body what no other band can. And I don't mean in the "like man, this band totally... like uh... man... you know" sense. Or even like what the "Baby One More Time" video did to me while watching TRL during my formative preteen years. In a more literal sense. Like when I finally got a chance to see them live at the House of Blues back in April -- after years of sideline adoration -- I stood somewhere near the front of the floor, cheesing ear-to-ear, with chills running up and down my body for the show's duration. Since I moved to Boston last spring, I've covered my fair share of shows and nothing came close to delivering that discovering Jesus/LSD moment I experienced on Lansdowne Street.

In an attempt to assure myself that the bartender wasn't drugging my $6 PBR tallboys that night, I ventured down to the waterfront this past Tuesday evening. And lo and behold, in spite of the rather meddling weather, my suspicions were correct: They're just that fucking good live. The whole thing wasn't as flooring as April's show, but probably for the best as I was able to resist my tendency to black out with euphoria and somewhat rationalize how they're able to deliver a such a brilliant performance.

Ninety-minutes of anthems channeled through a six-piece wall of sound and Tunde Adebimpe's unmatched dance moves (I know they're unmatchable because I tried to imitate him once I removed myself from the watchful public eye, and couldn't come close). I've seen arena shows that would sound like pin-drops in comparison. And regardless of the somewhat divergent opinions on their recent LP -- I loved it, but I'd hardly expect you to trust my critical bias at this point -- it at least succeeded in delivering them a grip of live-ass tunes to slot into their live-ass setlist. "Repetition" and "Caffeinated Conscious" hit especially hard, while "Will Do" provided a perfect respite for those nearing overload.

Equally as anthemic, but somewhat confusingly billed, was BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE. I mean, they packed out the House of Blues themselves around this time last year. Hardly seemed right giving them a 45-minute opening slot. I figured it would've at least been a double-headline, equal-stage-time dealy, but I digress. They possess the same ability to beating the audience into submission via sound as TVotR, but with twice the amount of people on stage. And the venue is ideal for them, as their music is the type that inspires belting along while under the influence of alcohol in an open air environment. But unfortunately, the weather didn't play to those strengths afforded by the typically ideal BoA Pavilion. Here's to them making another pass through town next summer.

Much thanks to whoever I jacked the video accompaniment from off of Youtube. I'm trying out a non-Phlipcam video recorder and my fat fingers covered the microphone, making it sound like TV on the Radio was playing underground.

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