20 examples of Hooray For Earth's "True Loves" being compared to MGMT

So word on the interwebs is that the new HOORAY FOR EARTH album True Loves sounds like MGMT. Or it’s simply what Congratulations should have sounded like. Or even simpler, that this new record from our dearly departed former-Boston, now-NYC band is some weird fucked up combination of all things MGMT, Passion Pit, some more MGMT, a bit more Passion Pit... ahh but really just MGMT. It's almost as if Hooray For Earth should have just called True Loves something like Chunkofcongratsamannerslations. Hell, they’d put it in the “Kids” section, if record stores still existed (“Time To Pretend” they do, “Sleepyhead”).

Anyway, with Hooray For Earth back in town tonight supporting Architecture in Helsinki over at the Paradise Rock Club, we wanted to round up all the lazy-ass True Loves reviews that compare our boys to youknowwho.

We found 20 examples (!!!), many that also included shout-outs/double-dates to/with Passion Pit, including a link in Spanish. Our summer intern is currently busy learning Chinese and Russian to see if the other side of the world is plagued by these comparisons, but it’s tricky business because “management” takes on a whole new meaning over there.

Peep the links below, marvel at how lazy online music journalism has become, and don’t bother Googling my name to see I gave Dom's Sun Bronzed Greek Gods pretty much the same comparative treatment last year. But that was 2010, and I was way more right than these new-jack cats.

Also, I think I speak for all of Boston when I say we, as a city, want Hooray For Earth back. Reviews that call them a New York band and don't mention either a) their origin here or b) that two of the dudes still live in Cambridge are straight-up heartbreaking. Sure, we'll say it: "Someone's Missing."



“...When I heard first heard Hooray for Earth's "True Loves," my immediate reaction was, 'This is exactly what everybody wanted MGMT's Congratulations to sound like,' or what I imagined everybody wanted it to sound like after all the whining about the egregious lack of a "Kids" or a "Time to Pretend," i.e., no magnificently thumping and gurgling and winking synth-rock ode to lost innocence and drugs.”


“...Advance singles "True Loves" and "Sails" placed the New York quartet in the packed house of bands often tagged with "what we wished Congratulations sounded like." It's unfair on both counts, robbing MGMT of some sort of agency in their artistic trajectory and limiting Hooray For Earth in terms of scope.”

LIVE 105:

“For many MGMT fans that were left a bit confused, unsatisfied and somewhat perplexed by their disappointing sophomore album Congratulations , I give you New York by way of Boston emerging underground rock band HOORAY FOR EARTH.”

The Onion AV Club:

“The band’s darkly-tinted patchwork of ’80s new-wave and electro-pop earworms recalls what many hoped for on MGMT’s sophomore release, and with True Loves, Hooray For Earth positions itself to pick up that torch.”


“The easiest way to describe Hooray To Earth would be to point out that their debut, True Loves, sounds like the album everyone wishes MGMT's Congratulations had been.”

Paper Michelle:

“The NYC foursome sounds like a cross between Yeasayer and MGMT to me.”

Fred Hystere:

“I think comparisons to bands such as Yeasayer, Passion Pit and MGMT are totally lazy because Hooray For Earth is better than all 3 of those bands combined. Their album proves that their first release was no fluke whatsoever unlike some bands (cough, MGMT, cough)...”

Forget The Box:

“Think of a low-key MGMT leaving the glowing country side, moving to NYC and jaunting around town as they sneak in and out venues in a happy-delirious-smiley state. Yea, it’s pretty sweet.”

Bohemian Cuddle Box:

“Think early MGMT singles minus the ego.”

Sun Lovey Forever:

“Like old MGMT, you'll probably feel it hard.”

Fred Perry Subculture:

True Loves is also the lead single and boasts thumping drums combined with blips and synths, surprising breakdowns and soaringly apathetic lyrics to rival the likes of MGMT and Yeasayer.”


“NYC indie band Hooray For Earth has drawn favorable comparisons to indie giants MGMT and Passion Pit and have been lauded in the blogosphere.”

The Aquarian:

“Boston’s Hooray For Earth play contagious and entrancing dance tunes that compare to breakthrough troupes MGMT and Ratatat.”

Weird Kids Up Front:

“Regardless of the inevitable comparisons to modern synthpop groups such as MGMT and Passion Pit, “Sails” instead harkens back to the 80′s and owes more to Depeche Mode and new wave.”

Bit Candy:

True Loves is full of sunny, synthy jams, recalling everything from upbeat Animal Collective, MGMT...”

Pick Up The Headphones:

“For a band that is called post-punk, True Loves is nothing more than the junction between MGMT, Yeasayer and Passion Pit...”

WXPN 88.5 All About The Music:

"The song is a breezy little gem with one infectious hook that would segue nicely between your favorite MGMT and Depeche Mode songs."

SSG Music:

“Hooray for Earth who is also touring due to the release of a new album, is scheduled to open tonight’s show with their own brand of upbeat indie pop-rock that has similarities that reflect MGMT’s Congratulations.”

The Side B:

“...An electro/rock outfit with a psychedelic inclination (think MGMT, although they’re probably getting tired of that comparison).”

Radio Duo Blog:

"Apostamos a que te hubiera encantado que Congratulations sonara como ellos."

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